About Our Senior Ambassador Program

Themed Sessions

Free Themed Sessions with Complimentary Photos and Cap & Gown Session: Our Senior Ambassador Program offers free themed sessions where seniors can participate in fun and memorable photoshoots. These sessions are tailored to specific themes, such as seasonal holidays, hobbies, or personal milestones.

Seniors receive complimentary professional photos that capture their unique personalities and experiences. Additionally, we provide a special cap and gown session.

Whether it’s celebrating achievements, showcasing hobbies, or simply enjoying a creative photoshoot, our free themed sessions allow seniors to create lasting memories.

Discounts & Gifts

As Senior Ambassadors, participants enjoy exclusive discounts on future photography sessions. Whether it’s family portraits, milestone celebrations, or individual portraits, our program ensures that seniors can continue capturing life’s precious moments at a reduced cost.

In addition to discounts, we also offer thoughtful gifts—such as branded merchandise, frames, or digital copies—to express our appreciation for their continued involvement.

Volunteer Opportunities

Our Senior Ambassadors have the unique privilege of assisting us with volunteering within their local communities. Whether it’s assisting at community centers, organizing events, or participating in outreach programs, seniors contribute their time and expertise.

In partnership with a local area organization, Dicetography will have increased opportunities to volunteer and help out in local communities. It’s an opportunity to give back and make a positive impact.

Stand Out

We celebrate our Senior Ambassadors by featuring them across various platforms. Seniors are showcased on our social media channels, blogs, and other publications.

Being featured allows seniors to be in the spotlight their Senior Year. This is their chance to share with the public what their interests have been throughout their school career and to tell everyone what their plans are moving forward after graduation.

Whether it’s a heartfelt interview, a photo gallery, or a spotlight article, our Senior Ambassadors take center stage.

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Our 2024 ambassadors


Hampshire Senior

Wyatt (the model): Wyatt is open for any pose we bring at him.  We love his positive spirit and just overall willingness to explore new looks!  We will definitely miss him as an ambassador when he graduates but I am sure we will always stay in contact.  Best of wishes to Wyatt, we know he has some big things coming up in his future.

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Hampshire Senior

Daniella (Miss Sporty): From Volleyball to Basketball, Daniella loves to play on a court or in a gym.  We love that she is always willing to strike a pose in any condition, cold weather to those icky bugs, Dani has endured it.  Our best wishes to her on a successful future!

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Our 2024 ambassadors


Hampshire Senior

Mackenzie (The Gymnast): Wow, we have taken shots of Mackenzie in every possible condition, on top of a waterfall, autumn farms, winter snow to inside with flames.  Mackenzie has been a favorite model for Dicetography and our wish for her is a very bright future.